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Norb O'Reilly. The Life Worth Fighting For

Compiled and annotated by : Steve Hodder

ISBN(13) : 9780858812536

If you want to know the O'Reilly story, read this book. It tells all the history of the family, from their roots in Ireland to their arrival in Australia and where they went from there. Norb O'Reilly was one of the Green Mountains pioneers. The ethos that underpins and drives this family is inextricably embedded in Norb's story. The family's history is Irish to the bootstraps but they are very much Australian. If you want to know Australia from the perspective of the families who pioneered it over the past two hundred years then read this book.

RRP AUD$30, 220pp, pb

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Repaying My Debt: A conservationist's tale

Author : Geoff Mosley

ISBN(13) : 9780858812529

In this extensive memoir Geoff Mosley tells of his early formative years spent in the famed Peak District of the UK. The book gives a good account of what life was like during those turbulent years (1931–50) before moving on to his student days. Trained as a geographer Geoff tells of his early adventures abroad, his time spent completing National Service and then his embarking on further travel to Canada and New Zealand before eventually settling in Australia in 1960.

It was here in Australia that Geoff was to make his mark as a conservationist of both national and international significance. The Australian Conservation Foundation and Geoff's involvement with it from its earliest days is part of this detailed story. There is also a personal story of a busy life with a growing family and the sacrifices made along the way. A tireless worker still, these pages also outline his message on how to save the Planet from the excesses of today.

RRP AUD$30, 304pp, pb

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Discovering Royal National Park on Foot ** NEW EDITION **

Author : Alan Fairley

ISBN(13) : 978-0-85881-180-5

Magnificent clean surf beaches, spectacular clifftop scenery, palm jungles, close encounters with native wildlife and easy accessibility from Sydney or Wollongong by train.
All this and more await walkers when they explore ‘The Royal’, Australia’s oldest National Park and Alan Fairley has given them, in this guide, a great way to start.

RRP AUD$14.99, 80pp, pb

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Dancing Charli

Author : Ant Wood

Illustrator: Lorraine Robertson

ISBN(13) : 9780858812505

Early one morning, Bright as a spark, A little bird performed her favourite trick, The curly wurly…
Join Charli and her new friend Gordon as they dance around Australia in a celebration of diversity.
Through beautiful hand-made paper and watercolour illustrations, the unique birds of the Australian environment are captured in a book sure to appeal to the fun in all of us.

RRP AUD$16.99, 32pp, pb

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Guide to Lamington NP

A Guide to Lamington National Park

Edited by : Lesley Hutley, for Lamington National Park History Association

ISBN(13) : 9780858812086

Here is a book to excite the interest of park visitors and students of natural history. The wide range covered and the scientific approach taken by the various authors (all highly respected in their fields) invites you to discover some of the magic that is Lamington. The topics covered here are diverse: from earthworms to mammals, from mosses to the iconic antarctic beech, from Gondwana to present day human influences. The book includes maps as well as guides to walks in both the Binna Burra and Green Mountains sections of the Park.

RRP AUD$29.90, 232pp, pb

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D'harawal Dreaming Stories

Compiled by : Frances Bodkin

Illustrator : Lorraine Robertson

ISBN(13) : 9780858812468

Throughout the past two hundred years, society has come to regard the Koori Dreaming stories as something akin to the fairy stories they were told as children.
However, for thousands upon thousands of years, the stories in this book were used as a teaching tool to impart to the youngest members of the clans the laws that governed the cultural behaviour of clan members. The successive attempts to destroy the Koori culture and assimilate The People into the Euro-centric population were unsuccessful, and the Dreaming Stories were able to continue in their disguise as charming legends in which animals, birds, insects, even fish became the heroes and heroines.
This book containing the words of Frances Bodkin and visual imagery of Lorraine Robertson will take you on a journey of understanding the ancient knowledge of the original People of This Land of the D'harawals.

RRP AUD$19.99, 56pp, pb

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D'harawal Climate and Natural Resources

Compiled by : Frances Bodkin

Illustrator : Lorraine Robertson

ISBN(13) : 9780858812451

Knowledge is the Prime Resource! The pursuit of knowledge is perhaps life's greatest challenge. Traditionally Aboriginal peoples cared for the land, living as one with it. This custodial relationship, expressed through cultural practices, sustained the natural environment and secured the viability of resources necessary to sustain the continuing existence of Aboriginal society over many millennia. This book containing the words of Frances Bodkin and visual imagery of Lorraine Robertson will take you on a journey of understanding the ancient knowledge of the original People of This Land of the D'harawals. Gavin Andrews, D'harawal man

RRP AUD$29.99, 102pp, pb

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Flaming Charli

Author : Ant Wood

ISBN(13) : 9780858812482

Charli squeezed her strong grey claws. Pushed her sulphur crest up sharp. She was ready for her very favourite trick, The curly wurly ... Raaaaarrrrrrkkkkkk!!!! Not everyone likes Charli's clever trick... but soon the little cocky comes to the rescue! With pleasant rhyming text, and vivid 3D illustrations, the drama of the Australian bush is captured in a book sure to win children's hearts.

RRP AUD$16.99, 32pp, pb

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Bushwalking in the Budawangs

Author : Ron Doughton

ISBN(13) : 9780858810723

TThis third edition is a complete revision and rewrite of most of the popular bushwalks in the Budawangs area. Over 40 bushwalks are described with sketch maps and precise map references to aid the adventurous bushwalker. Full colour illustrations show the mountains and their unique formations as they are found, together with a sprinkling of the outdoor people who inhabit them for recreation. With the creeks, cliffs, waterfalls and perfect camping spots that outdoor people love so well, this book will unlock many of the hidden places in the Budawangs that we would all like to visit.

RRP AUD$24.99, 160pp, pb

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Karijini Mirlimirli, Aboriginal Histories from the Pilbaras

Editor : Noel Olive

ISBN(13) : 9780858812420

Survival for Aboriginal people of the West Pilbara has demanded an unrelenting struggle against domination by mainstream society and their marginalisation by the welfare state. They take pride in their successes, and are optimistic of their future and in their own strength of purpose to build that future. We should all welcome and acknowledge the Karijinis' struggle as a genuine contribution to a reconciliation process which is to be founded on the existence of genuine equality for all.

RRP AUD$29.99, 254pp, pb

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Kimberley Coast

Kimberley Coast. A Traveller's Guide to Bays, Basins, Islands and Estuaries

Author : A.W. (Sandy) Scott

ISBN(13) : 9780858812406

The remote pristine Kimberley coastline of Western Australia has drawn the attention of many travellers with its magnificent display of diverse landforms. To explain how these spectacular structures have developed in a land now influenced by Australia's biggest tides is the subject of this book. Especially valuable to those travelling by sea and those wanting to know more about the Australian coast, Kimberley Coast explains in simple terms the relationship between geology, land forming processes, geological eras and recent marine conditions.

About the Author: Dr Sandy Scott has had a career in high school science teaching, teaching at University of New England and in latter years developing and leading travel programs particularly in Australia and Asia. His many assignments as a guest lecturer since 1998 have provided a unique opportunity to understand the Kimberley coast and appreciate its diversity. Sandy's enquiring nature and broad background experiences have enabled him to interpret the nature and development of the coastal landforms of the region.

RRP AUD$29.99, 136pp, pb
Publication: June 2012

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Native Trees of the NSW South Coast

Author : Kevin Mills, Jacqueline Jakeman
ISBN(13) : 9780858812307

This book on the native trees of the New South Wales South Coast is the culmination of 25 years work by the authors. It is the essential guide to the native trees of the South Coast region, from Berry in the north to Batemans Bay in the south, and west to Kangaroo Valley, Sassafras and Nelligen. A total of 169 tree species is described in full and richly illustrated with line drawings and colour photographs. Whether you are a botanist, horticulturalist, gardener or nursery worker, or you are just interested in trees, this book will become your valued guide to the native trees of the New South Wales South Coast.

RRP AUD$34.99, 256pp, pb

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Letters to the Family, the story of an endangered shorebird

Author : Rose & Mike Clear
ISBN(13) : 9780858812376

In this story the authors are 'granny and papa'. Granny and papa are two shorebird volunteers on the NSW south coast of Australia. They wrote regular email updates to their grandchildren and family, while watching out for a pair of hooded plovers, their eggs and chicks. Letters to the Family is a story made from those email updates.

Foreword by Jodie Dunn, South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program Co-ordinator, National Parks & Wildlife Service

RRP AUD$9.99, 32pp, pb

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Steady State, Alternative to Endless Economic Growth

Author : Geoff Mosley
ISBN(13) : 9780858812390

The economic growth obsession that dominates our lives cannot go on for ever. Our world is finite and has limits. Sooner or later, one way or another, this way of life must end. But what is to replace it and how can we make the change?

Geoff Mosley describes the making of the change to a creative and dynamic steady state economy as the most important in human history. In this book he
makes the case for an alternative offering a future characterized by fairness and freedom, outlines its main features and discusses the steps we need to take to
make the transformation. In the last part of the book he provides campaign advice for the emerging steady state movement.

RRP AUD$21.99, 136pp, pb

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THE TRANSI TION to a Sustainable and Just World

Author : Ted Trainer
ISBN(13) : 9780858812383

Ted Trainer argues that the magnitude of the global problems our society is running into is not well understood. We are far beyond sustainable levels of production and consumption and the defining condition of the coming era will be intense scarcity. In addition the global economy is extremely unjust. It delivers most of the world's wealth to the few who live in rich countries.

It follows that the present consumer-capitalist society cannot be fixed. A society based on commitment to affluent lifestyles, market systems, profit maximisation, globalisation, competition and constant growth causes the problems and must be replaced if they are to be solved. A satisfactory society must therefore be some kind of Simpler Way, centred on frugal but adequate lifestyles, mostly small and highly selfsufficient local economies under participatory local control, and nonmaterial sources of satisfaction. The Simpler Way would be a delightful liberation, enabling relaxed, secure, convivial and fulfilling lifestyles for all.

Clear implications for strategy follow, which contradict most of the existing theories and campaigns pursued by people in conventional, Green and Left circles.

RRP AUD$29.99, 336pp, pb

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One Very Big Picture

Author : Syd Hickman
ISBN(13) : 9780858812321

Here it is, the book that takes you from the ancient Persians to the financial crisis of 2008. Entertaining and certainly not righteous, it outlines the many national big pictures that still shape the way we think, and provides the facts and framework for understanding the options for one global
big picture.

It is both a great historical read and a guide to the potential opportunities and horrors of the future.

One Very Big Picture not only informs, it also provides a context that adds value to everything you already know.

RRP AUD$19.99, 192pp, pb

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Signalman Bill's Story : Convoys, Signals, Pacific War

Author : W.J. "Bill" Walshe
ISBN(13) : n/a

The story at last of the young naval signalmen who greatly helped to keep Australian convoys moving unscathed to New Guinea and other warzones of World War II. In the month after Japan’s carrier-borne aircraft bombed Pearl Harbour, Bill Walshe turned 17 and volunteered for the Navy.

Jap submarines had already begun to take a terrible toll of Australian shipping, so the Navy devised a convoy system, with warships shielding the merchant ships that carried troops and materials to Allied fighting fronts. Vital to success of the convoys was signalling, to keep all the vessels “in train” – and that required the speedy skilling of signalmen like young Bill.

At Flinders Naval Depot in Melbourne, he and 27 lads of similar age were put through a crash course in signals. After three months they were promptly allocated to merchant ships, and would serve on over 1000 of such ships between 1942 and the war’s end.

The story of the vital convoys is here told by Bill Walshe as a feast of anecdotes which say more about the lives of sailors in wartime than do the official histories. Through his mix of wry humour and keen observation we glimpse stark realities of heavy loads on young shoulders, loneliness, aching fatigue, lurking dangers, air attacks, sudden storms, mountainous seas and more.

RRP AUD$19.99, 188pp, pb

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Discovering Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on Foot

Author : Alan Fairley
ISBN(13) : 9780858812284
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is one of Sydney’s most loved and most beautiful bushland areas. It has been inspiring visitors for over 115 years with its magical combination of panoramic vistas, picturesque waterways, its wealth of wildflowers and easy birdwatching opportunities. Rail, ferry and road provide convenient access to the park’s walking tracks, 30 of which are described in this book.
There is much to discover and enjoy in the Chase and Alan Fairley’s descriptions will lead you away from the roads and picnic areas to explore some of its hidden gems. The more you explore the park, the more you will enjoy it – and the best way to explore is on foot.

RRP AUD$14.99, 80pp, pb

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Discovering The Colo Wilderness on Foot

Author : Anthony Dunk
ISBN(13) : 9780858812277
The Colo Wilderness is a rugged forested area north of the Blue Mountains, containing dramatic gorges with towering cliffs, massive boulders and sandy beaches.
This book includes descriptions of twenty walks in the southern half of Wollemi National Park, to guide keen bushwalkers through this unique area, and enliven their sense of adventure and wonder.

RRP AUD$14.99, 80pp, pb

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Gagged: The Gunns 20 and other law suits

Author : Greg Ogle
ISBN(13) : 9780858812291
In December 2004, forestry giant Gunns Ltd sued Bob Brown, The Wilderness Society and eighteen other environmentalists as a result of the campaign to protect Tasmania’s forests. During the next five years, Gunns suffered a series of legal losses and capitulated against many of the defendants, paying them over $1m in costs. It was left with an expensive rump of a case against a handful of defendants.
This is the inside story of the defence of the Gunns 20 case, and of a number of other similar, but no less dangerous, law suits.
In a personal account of more than a decade defending so-called “SLAPP suits” over the Hindmarsh Island bridge, battery hens and the Tasmanian forests, “bush lawyer” Greg Ogle tells the history of the cases and their impact on the defendants and the community. This passionate portrayal illustrates the effect of such litigation on free speech and political protest, and makes an eloquent call for law reform to ensure that these incursions on civil liberties never happen again.

RRP AUD$22.99, 144pp, pb

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Saving the Antarctic Wilderness : The Pivotal Role in its Complete Protection
Author: Geoff Mosley
ISBN 978-08588-1-226-0
The threat of armed conflict in Antarctica was averted by the 1959 Antarctic Treaty but it wasn¹t long before another threat loomed in the form of mining. If it was to be permitted it would end Antarctica¹s status as the world¹s last great wilderness. A minerals convention was negotiated but, as one of the decision makers in the Antarctic Treaty system, Australia could veto it if it wished.

This book tells the story of how in May 1989 the Australian Government did decide to block the minerals convention and work instead for a new environmental protection agreement ­ the 1991 Madrid Protocol. The focus is on the leading role played by the Australian Conservation Foundation in bringing about this decision.

As you will discover there was a long build up to eventual success and many obstacles along the way to overcome including the pessimism of some and the distraction of the main international conservation organisation from a helpful role. With mining defeated the fight goes on - to have Antarctica included on the World Heritage List.

To a world and an environment movement facing even bigger challenges the lessons from this struggle are invaluable.

RRP AUD$19.99, 128pp, pb

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The Owls of Australia

Author : Stephen Debus
Illustrated by Jeff Davies
Photographs by David Hollands
ISBN(13) : 9780858812222
THE OWLS OF AUSTRALIA summarises the features and biology of Australian nocturnal birds, which include some of the most impressive birds found in this region. The owls, and their look-alikes, the frogmouths, feature in this handy and fully illustrated book, which has been written for ordinary bird-lovers, naturalists, and ornithologists.
The guide is particularly useful because of the difficulty of identifying some closely similar owl or frogmouth species. Volume 4 of the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds – from which the text derives, in a rewritten form – was the first exhaustive review of Australian owls, and contains high-quality colour illustrations of all plumages, including birds in flight. Eight of the colour plates found in the Handbook are reproduced in THE OWLS OF AUSTRALIA. There are profiles of the biology and behaviour of each species. Stephen Debus highlights the unique or notable Australian owls, including those most at risk.

RRP AUD$22.99, 112pp + 12 colour plates, pb

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Understanding the Scenery, Royal National Park and Heathcote National Park

Authors : Bob &  Ann Young
ISBN(13) : 9780858812109
Spectacular cliffs, deep forest-lined gorges, wide open plateaus with strangely-shaped rocks – these are the familiar features of Royal and Heathcote National Parks. This book from Ann and Bob Young explains how the wonderful scenery of the world’s second-oldest national park has formed. Written for bushwalkers, environmentalists, and teachers, it shows how to read the Royal landscape. It is copiously illustrated in full colour, with maps and photographs.

RRP AUD$29.99, 132pp, pb

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Understanding the Scenery: Morton National Park and the cost from Nowra to Bateman's Bay

Authors : Bob &  Ann Young
ISBN(13) : 9780858812215
Following the success of their book Understanding the Scenery: Royal National Park, Bob and Ann Young have turned their attention south. They explain how the magnificent scenery of the tablelands and South Coast has formed, and how it reflects the varying geology, erosion over millions of years and under changing climates, and catastrophic events like tsunami. The book is designed to give anyone enchanted by the scenery a deeper understanding of the beauty and diversity of Morton National Park and the coast between Nowra and Batemans Bay.
Bob and Ann have spent over 30 years studying the landforms of the South Coast. They taught at the University of Wollongong in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. They are currently updating their book on sandstone landforms worldwide.

RRP AUD$29.99, 134pp, pb

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Overloading Australia

Overloading Australia,
How Governments and the media dither and deny on population

Author: Mark O'Connor and William Lines

ISBN: 978-0-85881-224-6

Greenhouse gases going up. Oil and gas depleting. House prices exploding. Overloading Australia explains why – and how to stop it.

The press of numbers on this continent affects us all – those living, as well as those yet to be born. To talk of saving the environment or of climate change is meaningless if we won’t address population – a subject some think too hot for public debate. In a score of punchy chapters, authors Mark O’Connor and William Lines challenge the myths, expose the facts, and dent the denial industry.

They blow the whistle on population-foolish policies that lead to clogged roads, water shortages, scarce food, and no place for refugees; then provide new and fair ways to think about the issues and to limit Australia’s future population-size.

This is a book that will revolutionize the green debate, and the political debate, on population.

Price: AUD$19.99 (incl. GST), 248pp

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Nthn Kosciuszko

Camping and Bushwalking in Northern Kosciuszko NP

Author: Harry Hill

ISBN: 0-85881-206-1

An invaluable guide book for those wanting to know the secrets of the northern half of Kosciuszko National Park.

This is a book about where to camp, places to fish, explore and bushwalk. It invites you to discover the magic of romantic mountain localities such as
Kiandra, Yarrangobilly, Long Plain, Cooleman and the Blue Waterholes.

Harry Hill describes 20 daywalks and provides sketch maps to the areas covered; his wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable for those
wanting to fully enjoy one of Australia’s best outdoors areas.

Price: AUD$29.99 (incl. GST)

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